Twenty Six

by shz

I think this is probably the saddest birthday ever. I realize that birthdays are becoming more and more meaningless every year. It just feel like any other day now. Another bad day, another bad joke.

Ah, I guess, that was what I wrote circa 2 hours before I was called down by Fakhrul to the kitchen, dinner he said. I was surprised with balloons, cake, good food and everyone that means a lot to me. The truth is, my birthday does get better every year. Every last birthday I had was always better than the previous one, Fakhrul said I deserved it. Maybe I do. Well, I definately do.

So, this will be my last birthday as a single. Up not next month, I am making an honest woman out of myself. Twenty six. God, when you say it like that you wonder where it went. I guess where I am now is alright for twenty six. I’m a young professional and about to be married to my Fakhrul of eight years. Sounds about right. Sound like I think I know where twenty six years went.