The 2 Weeks Sleepover

by shz


We are all 25 with professional jobs and about to be married. We still jump on the bed, dance like chickens and sing our lungs out when our favourite song plays. We talk loudly like we are deaf and we laugh hysterically even when the jokes were not so funny. We still think boys are stupid and don’t take them seriously. We will talk endlessly about what happened in high school, always inviting back our teenage years when everybody else left it where it should be. We drive each other mad but we will cry like a baby when we are driven apart.

This picture is the one with one missing. It would’ve been perfect with Elly maybe squeezed between me and Mus or at the end beside Shareena. But just with those two around was enough to shut me down a little while, be absurd and maybe around 17 again. Most of my worries when I was with them is wondering if things are going to change, or hoping mad that in between Mus’ high pitch voice telling jokes and Shareena making her monkey smile that this will not end. That we will forever be like this. Maybe – if all of us manage to turn a blind eye to true love and marry some spoilt rich guy.

I had hoped that it stays the same. But for now, I’ll just miss them.