The Question of Question

by shz

I am looking for wedding photographer.

I do realize that after looking at my mother’s ridiculous ball-park cost of the event, I have to find someone who will make me happy with the photographs. The search is not easy. Who I choose will define my acknowledgement to one’s work, and I am secretive of whom I acknowledge in photography world. Not that my acknowledgement is important, but it is also about defining myself and the kind of photography that I accept.

I want something close to how I would do it. Of course, there is no real definition to that because I don’t do wedding photography and how would I know how I would do it? This really shouldn’t be hard at all. Just look at Inaccurately I believe 70% of its users are from Malaysia and half that that does wedding photography. But this half seems to share one big page because despite of having different pages, they all look the same to me. The pose of the couples, particularly the brides is a template and there is almost no originality of one’s work. The industry is merely business rather than a pursue of good photography.

This is not a criticism to anyone in particular but more as an expression of dilemma of one’s search in finding a photographer with a signature and individual’s touch. And on top of that, I have to be in love with that signature and individual’s touch. To begin with, I asked few photographers that are likely to be very active in the industry just to draw a budget. Surprisingly enough, quotations that I received even came with free sessions and services or if not, huge discounts that will only leave me with nothing much to pay. Suffice to say, money does matter and when I pay it should be worth it.

I almost lost and gave up until I recalled this one photographer that I just love his works. He does not do wedding per se, but he had shot a couple, just one couple and that was enough for me because everything else that he does are very exceptional to me. Over time I developed love with the works and the photographer self, enough time consumed that love turned to respect. I believe he earned it. So I emailed him out of bluntness and left it without a hope.

He replied.

And he didn’t give any numbers like – this is what you will pay me for this package or this is my number, call me etceteras. Instead this is what he said :

There is one problem for me. How can I know more about both of you? I used to know the couple first before making photographs from the couple.

I think at that moment, I found my photographer. Yes, practically I wouldn’t know how I would do it. I cannot imagine the looks of the images if I were to shoot a wedding. I wouldn’t have a clue to what will be significant to me at that particular time where a wedding takes place. I wouldn’t know where to begin to visualize how to portray the couple and the day that is all of celebrating their love. But I do know for sure that I would’ve asked, if not exactly, something that implies to the same question my photographer asked. Because there is nothing more real will become of a thing if you don’t get your reason right.