by shz

I want to go home.

It’s 6 minutes past 5 and I don’t give a monkey. It’s Friday goddammit. My eyes cannot take it anymore. I’ve been killing time for the past 56 minutes because I finished my works too early. I don’t even bother perfecting it because I want to go home. I need my bed and my big ass telly to watch my Friends. I need to pray because all this stinking people with wine smelling mouths has gotten in my nerves. I need to be in my fabulous room that I have just lavishly decorated a month ago to make me feel this is all worth it. The worth of time being away from home, being away from the darkroom I’ve been longing to go and being away from photography.

I cannot seat one more minute on this blue chair. I cannot stand looking at this screen that is about to make me blind. These lovely, drunk people who just couldn’t wait sunset have bored me silly. I have to get out of this ridiculous quiet room that makes me feel deaf the whole day. I have to close this thick book and stop the crap of building construction away.

Please God, let it be 5.30.

Oh wait. Szhamek just said it’s time to say goodbye.