1050 am

by shz


Refer to drawing 103 for indication of acoustic material zone. This doesn’t need to be drawn just yet, but this report refers to it.

What I need you to do on Thusday 13th is research materials suggested here as recommended in the report, print off some examples and keep same PDF copies downloaded from the web.

Also need you to produce some suggested layouts on the room elevations of designs for applying acoustic panels. What designs / patterns are available on materials? Or are they just plain / one colour.

Also get a ball park cost for supply & fix. Cost can be a square metre rate. Eg:£25 per sqm.

– Mark

Seriously. I’ll go bananas if I hear one more also.


Last night as I tucked myself under my duvet and murmuring my nawaitu to fast, suddenly I recalled a memory back when I was 8. At that time just like everybody else, I was trained to fast and being childish I was, I found it really hard. I was always constantly finding any possible reason not to fast and one day I phoned up Abah in office after school.

"Abah, Adik rasa puasa Adik dah terbatal hari ni. "

"Kenapa?" Abah asked.

"Adik berborak-borak dengan kawan masa rehat. Lepas tu tetiba Adik rasa air liur dia termasuk dalam mulut Adik. Sikit je, tapi Adik tertelan lah!"

Sometimes I swear I can still remember the sound of Abah’s laughter in my head whenever I recall that. A lot has changed since that. They don’t call me Adik anymore and I learnt that my fast won’t be broken unintentionally.


Along turns 27 today. It’s always nice to have another sibling turns older than you first. Sometimes it helps me to come in peace that I am at this age that I am now. And I can shoot questions like :  do you think you’re getting wiser, or just older?


So between the first day of fasting, my brother’s birthday and acoustic panels, I think I’m going to be OK.