In Cold Like That

by shz

Sometimes it’s obvious why I choose the things I present in my photography works.

When Kak Eda got pragnent with Adam, we all knew instantly what a wonderful mother she would be. Maternal is written all over her face and my God how Adam is so loved. Sometimes I feel silly being slightly jealous of my 18 months old nephew, not because I want Kak Eda to be my mother but how I wished when I was as fragile as he is, my own could have more time to love me like that. My mother is a very career lead woman and oftenly when reminiscing childhood, I will find a hole in the love area. Or maybe it’s just a norm of a second born.

This is what is missing. That momentous gaze comforting and as I look more, I swear I almost hear her whispering shhh.. shhh..shhh. In the cold of a beautiful white morning and in a warmest arms of a loving woman.

My mother sent me a text message few months back that reads “A mum is God’s love in action . .”

I think this photograph says exactly that.